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What we do, and why we like development


MadeIndonesia is a collaboration between the Netherlands and Indonesia. We love the internet and believe in the possibilities that it provides. Not only in the field of webdevelopment, but also considering how easy it is to communicate with people on the other side of the world! This offers huge opportunities for intercontinental collaboration and dividing work in an efficient manner.


Our team consists of people from the Netherlands and from Indonesia. We communicate daily with each other using various means and management tools. To really make outsourcing work, it’s important to work as a single team that collaborates right through cultures and borders.


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This provides value!

Because of the fact that an important part of our work is performed in Indonesia, we’re not an expensive player. With just the right price-quality ratio we’re able to realize your business ideas and concepts in an efficient manner. Sometimes, this even makes ideas possible that looked out of reach with a traditional development team.


Our team consists of different developers who all have their own field of expertise. By dividing responsibility between different team members during different phases of the process, there’s always a specialist working on your project.


Why Indonesia?

MadeIndonesia is located in the 5th largest city of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. This city is known as a student city. There are more than 40 universities and colleges in Yogyakarta, with some of them being renowned IT schools. However, the market for online services in Indonesia is still very much in development and there are relatively few internationally oriented companies located in Yogyakarta. The city itself and the country as a whole are on the rise, which provides opportunities, both now and in the future.

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