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Every project is unique and that’s why we don’t believe in a standardized process. We try to work as agile as possible as a team. To give you an idea on how we approach our projects, here’s a couple of steps that we usually take.


1. Determine requirements

We want to discuss your project extensively with you. What’s the goal of the website? Who are the customers? What are you ultimately trying to achieve? Are there ideas, visuals or other materials that we can work with? This all happens together with the Dutch part of our team, usually with Klaas Jan. This is the basis for our briefing and the quotation.


2. Design phase

The ideas that came up during phase one are put into practice here. Initially, this happens through wireframes or mock-ups. This is a simple sketch of what the project will look like. The wireframes are also created by our Dutch team, in close consultation with the client. When the wireframes are agreed upon, the Indonesian part of our team translates these into an attractive and fitting design. Syarif and Faza are the designers responsible for creating all our web-interfaces. At the end of the design phase, there’s also room for consultation.


3. Development

During the development phase the approved designs are transformed into a functioning web application. We work according to Agile principles, where functionalities are always approached from a user perspective. Developers have a lot of freedom in choosing a fitting technical solution within the guidelines of the project. We believe that this will provide the best results.


Depending on the size of the project we plan one or multiple test moments. Big projects are divided into “sprints”, short periods of intensive development after which a certain function or set functions can be tested. In any case, there is extensive testing at the end of the development phase.


4. Upload content

All websites that MadeIndonesia build are equipped with a Content Management System (CMS). This means that you can easily place text, images and other content into the website. In this phase, you will work on filling the website with content yourself. This is also the final test phase; all bugs and issues are singled out and resolved in this stage.


5. Finishing up and support

When the content has been placed in the website, the site is ready for launch. We assist you while setting up hosting and help you to the final go-live.

The project still needs attention after launch. It’s important to keep an eye on updates and security. We offer to help maintaining your website and can even offer an all-in-one solution that includes hosting. This way, we hope to remain involved in the project after launch as well!




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