Online marketing

Online effectiveness and results

Why online marketing?

Online marketing covers everything that is related to drawing attention to your website, service, company or product on the web. This may sound like a broad concept and that’s true. Online marketing includes many channels, from Google, Adwords and banners to social media, webinars, blogging and newsletters. For a succesful online marketing strategy, the choice for the correct channel is crucial. This is closely related to your product, your target audience and your means. To determine this, we ask questions like:


Where are my customers located online?

Where are my competitors promoting themselves? And where are they absent?

Which social media are common to my customers?

Is my product or service suited to promote with certain types of ads?


It’s nice to have a good looking website, but you need proper online marketing to make your business a success online.


Our role

At MadeIndonesia, we always aim to keep our focus on the main goal of your project. Where will the visitors come from? What’s their goal when visiting the site? And how do we turn your visitors into customers?


From a technical point of view, online marketing is a very specialized process. We don’t set up campaigns ourselves, but we work together with several partners who specialize in this field. They make it possible for us to not only develop your website, but also help you promote it!


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