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What do we mean with web development?

Web development involves the technical side of a web application. This could mean developing specific functionalities like a payment system, login and account functionality, extended forms and other challenges that require a customized approach. Web development is about programming rules that make an application interesting and exciting!


The advantage of a custom approach is that everything is possible. You can opt to use an existing system like WordPress, but this sometimes has its limitations. With custom development you gain maximal flexibility. Within our custom approach we still choose a subset of tools that we specialize in. CodeIgniter and WordPress are both written in PHP, which, from a focus perspective, is our language of choice.



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A webapplication or webapp is a bit like a mobile app. The difference is that a webapp runs in your browser. Webapps are mostly used for more specific goals than normal websites, for example to optimize a specific company process. An online accountancy tool or a planning and scheduling application are other good examples of webapps. By applying responsive design to a webapp, your users get the feeling of mobile app, without requiring the same investment from you.

Make it manageable!

An important part of a good web application is the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows the website manager to easily edit the content of the website, without requiring technical knowledge of webdevelopment.  We develop websites primarily in the WordPress CMS, or with our own HartCore CMS which is based on the CodeIgniter framework. These systems make both easy and more complex websites manageable for anyone. WordPress and CodeIgniter are both PHP frameworks. Because of our focus we only develop applications in this language.

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