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What is it exactly that we do, and what can you expect of us?

We help you get online

MadeIndonesia builds websites and webapplications, primarily for Dutch businesses. We work for corporate clients as well as smaller companies and start-ups.


All the projects that we work on are a collaboration between our Dutch office (Utrecht) and our Indonesian location (Yogyakarta). This work dynamic allows us to work specialized and cost-efficient. Internet is our passion and we’re always trying our best to find new ways to make projects even more awesome for our clients.


Our services can be divided into several categories:




WordPress development

Partnerships en co-creation

Online marketing


This is what’s important to us:

In all our projects, we try to work according to the below core values:



In a good website or web application, the end goal of the client should always be leading. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish with the platform? To gain as many visitors as possible? New customers? Sharing information via social media? The goal is pivotal for the development of the project.


Easy to handle

A good website is easy and simple to use. Not only for the visitor, but also for the manager of the website. We think carefully about user interface design and develop a clear and understandable CMS (Content Management System)


Visually appealing

A good website is easy on the eye. We put time and attention into the design and develop websites that our clients can use for years to come. In the end, a good looking website is more fun to use!


Proper price/quality ratio

The focus of our company is to deliver good quality for a very competitive price. Our team conists out of different specialists with expertise in their own field. This is important to secure quality. We’re not an expensive developer, but we’re also not looking to be the cheapest player around. We hope that you let us handle your project because of our experience, our skill and the price; the total package.

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