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What is WordPress? And how do we use it?

WordPress is booming!

WordPress is an open source CMS. The system is extremely popular: 23,3% out of the 10 million most popular websites on the web run on WordPress. It is an open source system, meaning that everyone can contribute to the development of WordPress. There is a central development team working on its core, but the community develops all kinds of extensions and new functionalities in the form of plug-ins.


WordPress has several advantages that can explain its popularity:

  • Strong core with flexible extension possibilities;
  • Makes it relatively easy to quickly build a basic website, even without a lot of technical knowledge;
  • CMS that’s easy to use;
  • Because there are a lot of developers who know WordPress, clients are less dependent on one developer.



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What’s there not to like?

Unfortunately, the extensive WordPress community is also one of its weaknesses. Quality of developers hugely varies. It’s easy to use code that has been written by other developers, but the quality of this code is never guaranteed. Many developers also build sites based on pre-developed themes, but many of these themes lack flexibility or security. In the end, the difference between the quality of WordPress sites is big.


Next to that, WordPress isn’t always the most suitable solution for a project. It’s important to realize that WordPress was originally developed as blogging software. Its possibilities have been extended a lot since, but in some cases it’s better to look for a more customized solution.


MadeIndonesia develops WordPress according to a series of core principles which allow us to build flexible, stable and user-friendly websites. We try to make optimal use of the power of WordPress, by working with a carefully selected set of plugins. We hardly ever uses pre-developed themes, but instead build our own custom themes. If we are of the opinion that there is a more fitting technique available for your project, we’ll make sure to share our opinion with you.


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